Spaces and Content

Weceem supports multiple content repositories. Each repository is called a "Space" and represents a website that you maintain.

About spaces

A Space contains "Content" that is served to your visitors. There are many different types of Content that you can create and arrange in any structure you like within your Space. You can have as many spaces as you like, representing different sites or micro sites. 

Spaces are separate content graphs and are imported and exported separately for backup purposes and have a URI alias that defines the web address of that space within your server. You cannot normally use content from one space inside another. 

Spaces can have different access rights defined in the Weceem security policy, so the same user may have different permissions in different spaces.

About content

Content is ultimately what your end-users view on your site. Weceem has an extensible content system, and supplied content types for the most common web content, including:

  • HTML (optionally including server-side Weceem/GSP tags)
  • CSS Stylesheets
  • JavaScript code
  • Page templates (used for styling the content contained within)
  • Widgets (reusable page fragments such as headers/footers)
  • Server-side folders and files (uploaded content)
  • Folders (for organising content in the repository)
  • Blog and Blog Entries
  • Comments
  • Links to external sites

Weceem's content is stored in an SQL database, not in files on the server filesystem. The exception to this rule is uploaded file content, which is stored "as is" in the server filesystem, with information about the files stored in the SQL database.

When editing content, you are shown only the fields appropriate to that type of content. For example when editing JavaScript or CSS you see a code editor, but when editing HTML content you see a rich text editor.

Developers writing their own Grails application that embeds Weceem can easily add their own new content types that have a great deal of flexibility allowing them to customize their behaviour in the editor and when rendered.

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