Controlling who can see content and when

With Weceem you can restrict who can view your content by user role, as well as the date period during which the content is available. 

Automatic publishing and removal of content

Every type of content has a Status, a Publish From and a Publish Until field. Together these work to provide a simple automatic publishing workflow.

Writing content for automatic publishing later

To write content today but have it available to view only at some point in the future you just do the following:

  1. Set the status of the content to Draft, Approved or some other non-"published" status (apart from Archived!)
  2. Set a value in the Publish From field in the "Extras" section of the editor

Once saved, Weceem will automatically publish your content when the time has passed (within a minute or so of the time) by moving it into the Published status.

Writing content that disappears after a certain date and time

To perform the opposite - automatic removal of public content - you simply set the Publish Until date and time on your content. When this time has passed, the content will be put into the "Archived" status which is not visible to the public. You will still be able to view the content in the repository.

Restricting access by user

To limit the content that different users can view, you need to edit your Weceem security policy file

All that is required is that you grant the "view" permission only on the URIs and content types that you wish the user role to be able to see.

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